Investment Opportunities

BGB Weston provides a range of investment opportunities including Traditional Financial assets and Alternative Investments. We select quality products with proven track record and attractive risk-reward profile.

We understand that each client risk/return profile is unique and design a bespoke approach to best fulfil these requirements.

Traditional Financial Assets

We offer clients tailor-made portfolios of stocks, bonds and ETFs as part of our investment spectrum.

Our platform is supported by a strong research team constantly re-assessing asset allocation and leverage to adapt to highly volatile market conditions.

Our investment strategies are based on a combination of quantitative (statistical analysis, simulations, back-testing) and qualitative analysis (investment expertise from our senior partners developed over decades).

In addition, BGB Weston has developed a state of the art information and monitoring system for our Clients with ongoing comprehensive updates on position and risk parameters.

Hedge Funds

As part of the Alternative Investment strategies, we aim at preserving capital and generating positive alpha in any market conditions. Capital preservation in adverse market conditions is a key objective in the dynamic asset allocation decisions for our Clients’ portfolios.

BGB Weston manages several Hedge Funds with different alternative investment strategies, ranging from directional systematic to discretional long/short equity single manager.

Ucits Funds

UCITS are investment funds, regulated at a European Union (EU) level. In creating a set of common rules and regulations it allows such funds: to seek a single authorisation in one EU member state, and to register for sale and market across EU member states. 

UCITS are now widely sold both to the public and to institutional investors across the globe. Pension funds and retail clients rely on UCITS to diversify their portfolios with a well-regulated product.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a unique alternative asset class, offering a variety of risk/return profiles for our investors, ranging from opportunistic to value preserving strategies. Since the start of the financial crisis, prime real estate has offered a safe harbour to investors looking for capital preservation.

Conversely, its intrinsic illiquid nature, combined with the reduced availability of debt financing during most part of the crisis, offered unprecedented opportunities to take advantage of prolonged dislocations in real estate markets.

BGB Real Estate division has helped its Clients deploying capital in Europe in both equity and debt format, across the entire spectrum of investment opportunities in commercial and residential real estate markets.

Clean Energy

We have been active in the clean energy market since 2009 with the purchase of the first solar power plants in central and southern Italy followed by investments in biomass and biogas plants.
We believe that the sector continues to offer excellent investment opportunities enhanced in recent years with the introduction of the EU incentives.
BGB Weston currently manages several investment vehicles in Italy specialised in solar energy, biomass and hydropower plants (mini-hydro). BGB Weston investment strategy encompasses all the phases of the investment cycle, from site selection, development of the plant and management of stabilised assets. BGB Weston has developed over the years a capillary network of trusted local partners who are actively part of the key investment decision as well as the daily asset management.

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