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Thu 24 Apr 2014
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BGB Weston     Alternative Investments Specialist

Why Alternative Investments

The primary objective of Alternative investments is the production of net absolute returns, regardless of market conditions.

Preservation of capital in difficult market conditions coupled with the ability to generate profits over and above traditional assets makes this asset class an essential tool for diversification and also for optimising a portfolios risk / return profile.

BGB Weston experience and professionalism enables our investors to implement an investment strategy with access to the best managers across the globe . . .

European Real Estate

In the current difficult environment for the global economy, real estate markets in Europe offer exceptional investment opportunities for both investors looking for safe heaven assets to preserve capital values and for the ones looking to exploit opportunistically the distress in financial markets to achieve higher returns.

On one side of the spectrum, direct investments in prestigious (commercial and residential) assets in prime location in key European capitals represent one of the best opportunity to secure long term capital protection whilst benefitting from the intrinsic liquidity and stability of returns of such prime assets...

Brazil Real Estate MCMV

The social housing programme 'Minha Casa, Minha Vida' (MCMV), was launched by the Lula government in March 2009 with the slogan 'Homes for families, wages for workers and development for Brazil'.

In the beginning of 2011, its first phase (MCMV 1) successfully achieved its target of 1 million homes contracted. The government then launched the MCMV 2 aiming further 2 million properties by 2014, and this is the stage we are investing in.

The Brazilian government is investing 65 billion in social housing for the disadvantaged end of the Brazilian population.

The programme is entirely funded by Caixa Econmica Federal ...

White Labels

Participating in investment programs is also possible by creating a While Label vehicle to accommodate the needs of clients (like investment appetite, distribution needs, diversification ).

This is possible both for on-shore or off-shore vehicles, including the latest UCITS III Sicav. BGB Weston's experience includes all kinds of structure in derivatives, including Notes, Certificates, Swaps, Warrants and IRS linked to the performance of a single manager or basket.

Structures products (with or without the capital protection) are a well-known subject for BGB Weston which has been working for many years with all major banks in Europe and the USA.

New Sophisticated Sicav (UCITS)

SICAVs (UCITS III and UCITS IV) are important vehicles for accessing alternative investment strategies in Europe. These strategies were previously available only to institutional investors and through complex offshore fund structures.

Now, more than ever, investors are demanding greater transparency and greater liquidity from their investments. Following the Luxemburg CSSF's strict regulation on investments, hedge fund managers have been forced to submit to European legislation.

What was previously available to only a few select investors, has now become available to all . . .

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